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Concert Knight in the Park and Cabrini Class Reunion
Once again, our shows have been a big success and a great evening of fun and music and DOOR PRIZES.  Tenth Street Tuesday will be playing on Saturday, Sep 10th.  Tickets available in the Member Lounge or click on the link to buy tickets online.


The Cabrini Class of 1982 will be hosting their 40 year class reunion at the concert.  ALL Cabrini alumni are welcome to join us and enjoy the concert.  The band features two Cabrini alumni:  Pete Hagen and Steve Polisuk from the Class of 1976.  Should be a great time!!!  Come and join us!!!

Clink on the link below for more information.


PGK Len Vocal has been named Knight of the Month for July. And while I don’t have enough space to describe Len’s mostly behind the scenes, unheralded involvement in our Council’s charitable activities – Len is being honored specifically for his tireless and innovative commitment as Membership Director. Len has seen to it that we have
met our Supreme Membership goals the past two years, earning us the Star Award by creating a totally unique
personal schedule of availability so as to meet with New Members whenever they are accessible for Invocation.
Congratulations Len.

Tom (Tucker) and Mandy Diroff have earned this month’s award by leading, supporting and promoting the heartfelt fundraiser for their grandson Baby Elliot. Tucker and Mandy teamed up with fellow Brother Knights and Ladies to raise money to offset the health cost burdens of young Elliot by creating a magnificent color booklet describing the family’s situation and needs. In addition, and most importantly they created a Video Presentation for sharing online which was indescribably professional and led to the wonderful success of the fundraiser and Father Saylor being awarded The State Family Service Award.

An amazing example of the power of love …