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The Big Riggs Band is a national country act hailing from the Mid-Michigan area.  Click on links below for more information.

Chad Riggs, a.k.a Big Riggs grew up in a small town, where at a young age his grandpa fueled his love and passion for country music by watching the Grand Ole Opry with him. Growing up, Big Riggs listened to country music legends like Johnny Cash, George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Garth Brooks. Big Riggs also take influence from artists like Jim Croce, AC/DC, and Journey.

Big Riggs band has been playing festivals and nightclubs from Michigan to Texas opening up for many national acts including; Parmalee, Lenny Cooper, Andy Griggs, Gunnar and the Grizzly boys, and Clay Walker just to name a few.

Big Riggs decided he wanted to release an album. After much searching, Big Riggs landed on Grammy Award winning producer Josh Goode and Engineer Bradley Prakope. Big Riggs knew from the second he met Josh and Bradley he found the right people to create an amazing project and experience with. After one conversation, Big Riggs 4 week vacation turned into a 6 month long stay. As a result Shes A Small Town was born





Knight of the Year – Paul Carnarvon

Family of the Year – Don, Jennifer, and Joey Siegel

Shining Armor Award – Gary Schlack and Ed Sparks (not in picture)

“Behind the Scenes Award” Joe Carnarvon, Tim Danilowicz and Joe Powers (not in Picture)

The “Angel” Award – Anne Zagunis

Pre-Superbowl Winterfest in the Park was a great time despite the COLD, COLD!! weather with 50+ people showing up and 10 chili contest entries that were all delicious.  Congratulations to the Chili contest winners – 1st place Paula Bencher, 2nd place Paul Carnarvon and 3rd place Greg Flannery.  Special thanks to Mike Bowdell for providing the music and Tim Danilowicz, Paul Carnarvon and Tom Logelin for their help in clearing the snow in the park and chopping up wood for the burn barrels.  We hope to make this an annual event in the future.