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A very deserving family although they will not think so. Of course all of the Families of the Month are deserving of the Family of the Year. Gayle Bardziewicz and Dawn Winger, Joe and Heather Lalli, Todd and Carolyn Banach, Tony and Maria Lalli, Roy and Charisse Lozano, Luke and Bridget Heath, Dan and Lauren Hurd, and Ron Fix with the Knight Notes Crew.

The Family selected has shown how a family of faith should be. With weekly mass attendance, constant support of the Church and Council, and keeping the Family at the center of it all. Of course having a good
set of parents as an example never hurts. Actually the Family of the Year were friends before this
couple connected and got married in 2013. A couple of years later they had their first child. A joy to anyone that has ever met her. He has set the standard by being there to help with the Building Association, they chaired the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt, got the Lounge Karaoke back up and running, and support the Council in all of its works.

2022 Family of the Year is Joe, Heather and Sophia Lalli.

Thank you Heather and Joe make sure Sophia knows we appreciate all she does to help as well.

Congratulations for a job well done!