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  • 2021’s Knight of the Year is a lifelong resident of Allen Park, a 1979 graduate of Cabrini High School and has been a member of Father Saylor since 1986. 
  • In recent years he has served on the Building Association, frequently coming up with new ideas to make the Lounge a more comfortable and inviting place to be.  
  • Our 2021 Knight of the Year is Joe Carnarvon … and his litany of accomplishments and involvement are breathtaking:  
  • In the middle of a Covid impacted year, it was Joe who came up with the innovative brainchild “Concerts in the Park”, which provided extremely significant unbudgeted funds throughout the year.  And of course, will be a valuable resource moving forward.   
  • This has inspired more events in the Park including weddings, graduation parties, anniversary parties and a Winterfest and Chili cook off that Joe chaired
  • Thru his own expertise and excellence, triggered the involvement of his employer Marygrove Awnings who donated two installed awnings for our Council building and others used for fundraising for the sole benefit of the Council’s charity efforts.  
  • Marygrove also sponsored the wonderfully successful Concert in the Park events and paid for all our advertising and ticket costs.  
  • It doesn’t end there … Joe’s intensity (and you ALL know what I’m talking about!)  and sense of humor inspire his passion and commitment to doing what’s best for the Council:  
  • On any given day, literally – Joe will pop into the K for a beer or a full day of barbeque during a game at which he provides the food and the cooking while promoting people to come and hang-out.   
    • Joe loves to eat more than he likes to cook.  He is 1 of 2 people his brother Paul knows who were kicked out of an all-you-can-eat buffet. The second was his brother Bill
  • We’d be remiss to not mention Joe’s dad, Harry, was a charter member of the Father Saylor Council in 1954 … the Inaugural photo is proudly displayed on the east wall of the lounge.  

A Family Tradition nicely played out.  Congratulations.