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Father Saylor has so many great families it is not an easy choice to pick just one as the Family of the Year. We could name more than a dozen or more who regularly give of their time and effort to the Council. It is with great honor though to introduce Les and Karen Nemeth as Family of the Year for 2021. https://kofc3774.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/124/2022/01/Family-of-the-Year-2021-Les-Karen-Nemeth.jpg

Les and Karen are the first to buy something from a fundraiser, you just have to ask them. You will see them at the Lounge playing Euchre on Tuesdays. At the summer concert series, they sold 50/50 tickets which was no picnic walking around the park.

Karen was asked a simple question about the Children’s Christmas party, she saw they needed a new Chairperson so she has stepped in to fill that role for next year. Les is the administrator for the Father Saylor’s Facebook page. He is usually the first one to post pictures, or reminders of events that are happening at the K. You will always see them promoting the good of the Knights of Columbus to anyone who will listen.

These are just some of the reasons why Les and Karen were chosen as the Family of the Year!